Overseas callers are targeting Telecom mobile customers in a phishing scam currently doing the rounds.

The scammers are contacting people on their mobile phones. When they reach a Telecom post-paid mobile customer, the caller advises that the customer has won a $50 account credit and asks for their personal details (full name, address, birth date etc) and whether they are a post-paid or prepaid account holder.

Once these details have been obtained, the impersonator contacts the Telecom Call Centre posing as the customer in order to set up additional mobile numbers. Telecom believes the intention is to use these mobile phones to charge up large bills to the customer's account. A small number of Telecom customers have been affected by this scam in recent days.

Telecom is closely investigating the scam and working to identify any customers who may have been targeted. It is also closing down any mobile phones connected as part of the scam.

Telecom Call Centre staff have been informed and are reminding customers not to give out personal details to people who call them. 

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